Building the Culture of the Heart

Building the culture of the heart is a new all day workshop being taught by Susanna Bair of the Institute for Applied Meditation. April 2nd in Tucson was the first presentation.

A culture of the heart is actually already in rapid development already. What does that look like?

Susanna Bair, is one of my Heart Rhythm Meditation teachers and co-founder of the Institute for Applied Meditation and the University of the Heart. She spoke about three main things at her kickoff workshop to a new national tour:

  1. happiness
  2. relationships
  3. accomplishments

Susanna Bair










The three pillars of happiness, relationships and accomplishments form a cornerstone for a Culture of the Heart. Heart Rhythm Meditation is a practice which we can use to energize our hearts and get the energy and guidance we need to move forward and reach illumination.