The Purpose of Meditation

We all seek to know an inner self which lives within us. This self is radiant and loving and intelligent. Whatever may happen in our lives, the self is always there within us and can be discovered.

Water Element






If we can tap into this inner being it will release into our lives a flood of love and energy which will allow us to get to the heart of problems which we face in the world now.

Gandhi said : “raise your own consciousness and you’ll raise the consciousness of the entire world.” Gandhi did that in his own life.

We can help the world by taking an honest look within ourselves¬† and our lives and then removing anything that is not simple and beautiful. This is like the practice of Feng Shui which has to do with letting go of stuff and working with stuff so that empowers us and doesn’t weigh us down. Get rid of all the things you aren’t using, and this includes old thoughts and ideas and assumptions.

As you do your breathing practices you can let go of anything you want on the exhale and on the inhale you can bring into yourself anything that you need. Remember that all is provided for now. You just have to look carefully and with the right intention.

So let your regular meditation practices be the place where you come to know your inner being in a most intimate way. Breathe slowly and deeply and rhythmically and have your attention on your heart area. Let this simple practice be your daily bread and nourish you.

Building the Culture of the Heart

Building the culture of the heart is a new all day workshop being taught by Susanna Bair of the Institute for Applied Meditation. April 2nd in Tucson was the first presentation.

A culture of the heart is actually already in rapid development already. What does that look like?

Susanna Bair, is one of my Heart Rhythm Meditation teachers and co-founder of the Institute for Applied Meditation and the University of the Heart. She spoke about three main things at her kickoff workshop to a new national tour:

  1. happiness
  2. relationships
  3. accomplishments

Susanna Bair










The three pillars of happiness, relationships and accomplishments form a cornerstone for a Culture of the Heart. Heart Rhythm Meditation is a practice which we can use to energize our hearts and get the energy and guidance we need to move forward and reach illumination.

The Deep Heart

I have recently added a new audio meditation called The Deep Heart and placed it into week 6. You can access it through your computer or phone just like you can with this entire course.

In this practice you will energize the core feelings of your heart.  You can dissolve the walls around your heart with this meditation.

The heart is your center and is responsible for healing. It heals through compassion, love and forgiveness.

In the depth of your heart is a common human experience that has no ego. You can get there by using heart rhythm meditation.

Enjoy this meditation.

Heart to Heart

Hello friends,

This blog is part of the Heart Rhythm Meditation eCourse and is a way for me to communicate with you and share new and important information.

I have heard from a few of you recently and it sounds like you are working your way through some of the practices. I’ve heard that some practices have come easily and others have been more challenging. This is a normal occurrence. Just notice whatever comes up for you and know that that is part of your practice. Then return your awareness to your breath and your heartbeat. This is the way of heart rhythm meditation.

Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM) is an Applied Meditation, developed by the Institute for Applied Meditation but based upon ancient practices. Applied meditation means that we meditate not to become great meditators, but to become great people serving our families and communities.

The practices you learn and do in HRM will energize your heart in a powerful way. This energy beats out in a rhythm throughout your body, sending it’s messages to every cell in your being. There is a purpose to your life which can only be found in your heart. Practice these meditations and feel the appreciation your heart has for you giving it your breath and attention.

Think of your heart and breath as your two oldest friends who have been with you your entire life. Sit with them and feel them and do practices with them and they will work their magic upon you and everyone you come into contact with.