Heart Rhythm Meditation Course

Welcome to Healthy Heart Meditations. This is the site for our eCourse on Heart Rhythm Meditation. You can sign up here for the course by clicking on week 1 of the course. This will take you to a registration page. You can also enjoy our blog and podcast page without registering for the course.

The fact that you are here shows that your heart is speaking and that you are listening. This is the way of the heart. The heart is sensitive and operates from feeling. Your heart is much more than a physical pump. It is your energetic-emotional center.

Bring your awareness to your heart area now. You can place your hand upon the middle of your chest or you can simply shift your awareness to your heart area. Now breathe more slowly and deeply and think that your heart is breathing. Feel the breath flowing into and out of your heart. Feel the gratitude your heart has for giving it your breath and attention.

You will learn much in this journey. If you have any questions about the practices or your experiences, please feel free to contact me.